ATTENTION: Ladies Whose Autoimmune Disease Is Causing Extreme Fatigue...
Banish Bone-Crushing Fatigue In 14 Weeks Without Having To Do Another Extreme Autoimmune Program Or Loading Up On Pharmaceuticals...
...And Also Say Goodbye to Burnout & Brain Fog.
Remember what it was like before your body started attacking itself with an autoimmune disease? Remember...
  • When you didn't feel absolutely exhausted all the time?
  • When you didn't have a bad mood all the time just because you were sooooo tired?
  • When you were having fun and didn't feel like you were watching life pass you by?
  •  When you didn't have to try to think through the fatigue-induced brain fog?
  •  When you could participate in activities without running out of steam?
The Autoimmune Energy Fix will take you from feeling like you can barely lift your head from the pillow to feeling like a better version of you, able to fully participate in life again.

Just like you, I spent years trying to figure out the autoimmune puzzle to end this crazy cycle of fatigue. My name is Yvette Brisco, and I'm not just a health coach. I'm a mom who had no idea how to stop the MS fatigue from taking over my life and robbing my son and daughter of their mother. 

I had to figure out how to stop the fatigue in its tracks so I could get back to my activities, my relationships, and my life. Thus, the Autoimmune Energy Fix was born!
Who needs the Autoimmune Energy Fix?
  • ​This is for you if you have received an autoimmune diagnosis and you're feeling exhausted
  • ​This is for you if you've tried a zillion things and still feel crappy
  • ​This is for you if you're on meds for fatigue but you don't want to be
  • ​This is for you if you want to spend active time with your children but you're too exhausted to be physical with them
  • ​This is for you if you're ready for a nap after having just slept the whole night
  • ​This is for you if you're experiencing both insomnia and fatigue and you can't live a normal life.
  • ​This is NOT for you if you are a little tired and just need a quick pick me up.
  • ​This is NOT for you if you are not committed to reducing or eliminating your symptoms
Imagine just 14 weeks to start transforming yourself into a body that has vibrant energy and obliterates the fatigue
Are you ready for a new, more energized you?
  • Imagine being able to take your children to the park and instead of sitting on the bench and watching them, you can join in on the fun too.
  • Imagine if you slept all night and woke up energized and ready to face the world instead of feeling like you need a trailer to drag your body around.
  • Imagine if you could improve your memory because you got your fatigue-related brain fog in check.
  •  Imagine being able to say “Yes” to a Girls’ Night Out because you’re not going to pass out from exhaustion before the night begins.
I have Multiple Sclerosis. 

For years I struggled with debilitating fatigue.

 It slowed me down.

It stopped me from doing the things I “used” to be able to do. And, it prevented me from enjoying the things I’m passionate about. 

I often felt like I was walking in waist-deep mud that had already started to dry while carrying boulders in a rucksack on my back.

I felt like this wasn’t, or shouldn’t be my body. I wanted to do so many things, but I felt as if life was passing me by because I didn’t have the energy to keep up. I was fatigued beyond belief, and I didn’t know what to do. I went down the rabbit hole of research, educating myself and being very overwhelmed trying to sift through fact versus fiction, science versus fantasy.

I kept at it until I found the right combination of strategies to achieve fatigue relief and now I’m going to share them with you.
* we respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *
                  What If...?
What if in just 14 short weeks you could:
  • Wake up in the morning and have the energy to get your day started instead of feeling like you need to go back to bed
  • Make it through the day without feeling the horrible sundowning effect
  • Stop canceling plans with family and friends because fatigue makes it impossible
  •  Travel and not have to leave 3 days early so you can recover before you even start
  •  Cook a full, balanced meal and not have to take a nap before you can enjoy eating it
  •  Start enjoying the hobbies that you set aside and thought you'd never get back to again
  •  Clear up the fatigue-related cog fog so you remember the important things in life
  •  Find the balance that allows you to live a full and active life without feeling like someone ran over you with a dump truck
What others are saying about working with Yvette.
Working with Yvette has been life-changing for me. Through her guidance, advice, and abundant supply of support and encouragement I have been able to find freedom, comfort, and enjoyment in eating healthy, whole foods. My energy has soared since I began working with her. Yvette's integrative approach to health and wellness and her caring nature helps people flourish in all aspects of their lives. She’s been a wonderful source of nutritional information, but her spirit is the truly amazing part! Yvette has truly made a positive impact on my life and well-being (nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually). Trust her when she says you’ll wake up craving veggies!

Carolyn T-B, PA
Working with Yvette helped me achieve true transformation. She doesn't give up on you and she doesn't allow you to give up on yourself either. Not only does she know what she's talking about, but she also provides structure and accountability. I could tell that Yvette hasn't forgotten what it was like when she struggled with health challenges, and she WILL help you get results.

Jenae F., CA
The Autoimmune Energy Fix is a Four-M System that gives you the pillars that form the foundation for transformation. They are the specific lessons and how-to steps so you can mostly eliminate fatigue (I mean, you’ll still have M.S., fibromyalgia, lupus, or whatever your autoimmune disease is, so I can’t 100% guarantee the fatigue will be gone forever) and live the active lifestyle you desire.

The Four M’s Of Fatigue Relief are: Mindset, Meals, Movement, and Magic

Pillar 1: Mindset - Here we dive deep into why you are here and the areas that have previously held you back. By the end of this pillar, you will have strategies to deal with the stress, depression, and anxiety common in autoimmune conditions that can affect your commitment to overcome fatigue.

Pillar 2: Meals - In this pillar, you will learn what to eat, when to eat it, and how you eat it can impact and improve your energy levels so that you no longer feel like there is an anvil attached to your waist throughout the day.

By the end of this Pillar, you will be able to start balancing your blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and establishing a lifestyle change that will give you lasting results. --- We show you how to make small changes that give you huge results. We even show you how you can keep snacking, but in a healthy way that complements your efforts to gain more energy.

Pillar 3: Movement - Here we bust the myths of crazy exercise cycles that leave you with less energy and show you how you can move your body to be more fit and to be more energetic, whether you’re the turtle or the hare. Whether you are in a wheelchair, walk with an assistive device, or you amble along under your own steam, we show you how to do it better.

Plus, as a special bonus, we give you free sessions with a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, or a Polynesian dance instructor to get you started on your fit for energy journey. This is crucial to know what to do just for you.

By the time you have completed this pillar, you will know exactly what your movement should be to enhance your energy. You get an individualized plan that you can refer to anytime you are unsure or confused. We make getting fit as simple as possible.

Pillar 4: Magic - Here we provide you with an approach to alternative therapies and explore things like essential oils and supplements and other modalities that are meant for people with autoimmune conditions to support you in being the most energetic you can possibly be.

By the time this pillar is finished, you will know how to give yourself an instant energy boost. You will know which essential oils have the effect you’re seeking so you can address the symptoms that are bothering you the most.

You will have access to high-quality supplements that shore up the deficiencies that autoimmune diseases can cause so you have the tools to empower your body to success (these are at an added cost and not mandatory).

You will be able to put your hormones in check and take command of the changes that are happening in your body.

You will know which other providers should be on your wellness team to help remove the barriers that are stopping you from having the kind of energy that leads to an active life.

Support Tools:

Private Coaching Sessions - These are laser-focused sessions where you and your coach will address your issue and help you come up with solutions that are individualized. You will be held accountable, so you can achieve your goals without getting lost in the process. You are never alone on this journey.

Live Group Q&A Sessions - This is where we go live to get your questions answered. You get to be there as we answer not only what is bothering you, but the things that are challenging others in your cohort that you may not have noticed.

Live Interviews - We bring special guests on to present information and engage with you where you’ll be able to ask questions and be heard.
In addition to everything listed above, you also get these bonuses.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Snacks Recipe Guide - We all like to snack. The problem is when the snacks let inflammation set in instead of letting us enjoy the the treat without the ugly consequences. This guide gives you suggestions that you can safely enjoy without worrying about set your bodies on fire from the inside out. 
  • Eating on the Go Cheat Sheet - When you're out and about trying to get stuff done, you don't want to have to figure out what to eat and what not to eat. You will have a cheat sheet to make sure you don't consume any of the energy suckers that will cut your day short.
  • Wallet-Sized Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 - You won't have to wonder which veggies and fruit have the most pesticide residue and which have the least. You can take the list with you tucked away in your pocket or wallet.
  •  CoachConnect App - Instead of wondering whether or not you've had enough water or how much sleep you're getting, you now have an app that allows you to track your progress and stay connected even when you’re on the go
  •  Membership - in a Private Facebook Group with Live Videos and additional support
Here’s how to apply to be accepted into the program.
Step 1: Complete the application. This is where you get to tell me why you’re ready to crush the fatigue and whether or not you’re committed to achieving that outcome.
Step 2: If your application is approved, you will receive an email with an invitation to schedule a call.

Step 3: If we jointly determine that you are qualified to enroll in the program, we will complete your enrollment and get you started on your journey to demolish fatigue.

I existed for years struggling with fatigue and watching life pass me by. I spent months researching, took classes, attended workshops, and through trial and error, figured out how to combat this debilitating symptom of a horrible autoimmune disease. 

Today, you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what to do and how to do it. I’ve taken care of that and created a step-by-step system that will remove the confusion and show you exactly what to do to get results.
Limited spots are available because of the highly individualized attention you receive as a member of our community. We want to make sure you get the best results possible.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You must demonstrate that you have completed the Quick Start and the first three (3) modules, and have had at least one (1) of the private coaching calls and have participated in at least one (1) of the group coaching calls. Each module has specific action steps for you to take and share your results and outcomes in the private Facebook Group.
Yes, I Want To Apply to 
The Autoimmune 
Energy Fix!
 If you are absolutely committed to getting your energy back and crushing the fatigue that's been attacking your body and affecting your life, click the button below to get started.
You have two choices
 1. Ignore this opportunity and keep living a life that is weighed down by extreme fatigue...or 
2. Apply today and if you’re a good fit, in 14 weeks, you can have your energy back so you can enjoy an active life again.
Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t see any results?
In addition to what we do as a group, you have private coaching sessions where we address your individual concerns and dive deep to see what adjustments you can make to start seeing results

Can I do this even if I’m overweight?
Absolutely! In fact, because we teach you how to eat nutrient-dense, healthy meals, you may see some weight loss as you incorporate these healthy changes into your lifestyle.

Does my age matter?
Absolutely not! We take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Your results are individualized for you, so whether you’re 20 or 90, if you implement the system, you will see results.

What if I don’t have a lot of time?
Everything in the program is given in bite-sized chunks so you aren’t overwhelmed and so you have time to implement the system. We will never try to give you a drink of water from a fire hose.

Do you just give us the information and leave us to figure it out ourselves?
That is definitely not our style. We walk you through step by step. We answer your questions and concerns, and we help you overcome the challenges that come up so you can achieve energetic success.

How soon will I start feeling better?
I wish I had a crystal ball and could give everyone an exact date, but the truth is, we are all different. That’s why we give you the tools to assess exactly where you are when you start the program so you can plot out the plan to get you to where you want to be.

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